Technology Solutions

Our R&D and innovations have resulted in advanced products.  We particularly specialize in such solutions for the Hydroelectric Industry.  Our IviaSAT 2000 plumbing and thrust bearing equalization system is second to none.   We design imaginative solutions.

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Research and Development

Do you have a technology problem without a solution?  The first step is filling any gap in knowledge and that is provided through R&D.  With that knowledge, our design team is very innovative in finding the best solution.  Let us help.

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Draw on our decades of experience and best practices for innovation  and design to help you deliver solutions for your ongoing success.

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Since 1993


IviaTech is DBA for Innovation via Technology LLC.  We are a technology company that designs and develops innovative products to solve problems.   Our mission is to perform R&D (research and development) in key areas to provide technological knowledge.  From that knowledge we develop innovative solutions through products, processes, services, and technologies.  Our design team,  and partners develop the knowledge.  Using that knowledge, our imagination and creativity provides the innovations. Our innovators have an inclination and a capacity to examine what others often leave unexamined; to see what others can not.





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